How to get into Project Management?

In pursuit of my personal growth and with the goal of entering more advanced projects (with a focus on achieving a Junior Project Manager position or a role within the UX team), I’m delighted to share that I successfully finished my first Project Management course.

πŸš€ Here’s the link:


I passed with an impressive 89% mark! πŸŽ‰ My credentials for this course are: 4296-31280586 and can be viewed here:

I dedicated slightly more than 50 hours to completing all the modules, and likely another 50 hours to learning and reviewing the course materials. πŸ•

About the course.

This online course is available at no cost with an option to purchase the certificate, starting from Β£28. Yet it is in harmony with the PMBOK (which I began studying approximately a month ago) and is led by Rich Weller, a seasoned expert in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management with nearly three decades of experience. πŸ“š

While it may initially appear straightforward, this course excels in its ability to provide practical examples and comprehensively covers various aspects of Project Management when necessary for better understanding. I found it quite easy to pass the individual assessments during the course, but upon revisiting my notes, I realized that there was a wealth of information contained within. I believe that this course is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to delve into Project Management. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

Grab yourself some learning materials!

Here, I’d like to share the mind maps πŸ—ΊοΈ I created for learning and reviewing the course material. I believe these resources could be valuable for anyone considering this course. Just click on the link below, and the Google Docs will open. 😊

There are 7 modules:

  1. Fundamentals of PM
  2. Where Do Projects Come from?
  3. Project Management Information System
  4. Project Schedule
  5. Managing for Risks
  6. Monitoring and Control
  7. Course assessment

Enjoy your learning journey! 🌟

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